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Recruitment Information

Job name: Hardware Engineer

Post duties:

1. Responsible for the development, planning and implementation of product hardware;

2, schematic design, PCB design and verification;

3. Type selection and verification of components.

4, product development test, reliability verification;

5, to solve the problems encountered in the development of products;

6, according to the requirements of product development and design, fully communicate and communicate with software development engineers and structural engineers, do well in coordination work.

7, compile project development documents, such as BOM, test files, etc.

Professional quality requirements:

1, college degree or above in electronics, power electronics, electric drive, automatic control or related field. More than 2 years experience in electronic development.

2, familiar with the hardware development skills, grasp the related professional knowledge and business process of the industry, and understand the related technology and standard of products.

3, schematic design and circuit simulation, strong analog circuit, digital circuit design experience, proficient in the basic principles of circuit theory, digital circuit, analog circuit, power electronics, automatic control and so on.

4, have good problem solving skills, proficient in IGBT, Mosfet, SCR and other power device selection.

5, familiar with hardware development tools, such as Candence, Protel, PADS, Orcad and so on.

6, skilled in using oscilloscope, high voltage probe and other testing instruments.

7, the work is rigorous and meticulous, responsible, practical, diligent, steadfast, good at thinking, independent and team spirit.

Post name: R & D assistant engineer

Post duties:

1, it belongs to the R & D department, coordinating all the engineering staff.

2, responsible for the classification of technical documents of the company.

3, track and implement R & D progress and timely feedback progress.

4, coordinate R & D and production department docking, feedback the progress of the project.

5. The requirements of the technical director

Post requirements:

1, secondary school or above (electronic related majors preferred).

2, skilled computer office software;

3, familiar with the R & D and production process of electronic products, and have the ability to categorize technical documents.

4, more than one year working experience in an electronic manufacturing plant or R & D company.

5, a good team spirit and sense of service, honest, fair and objective.

6, with a high sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

Post name: overseas sales

Post duties:

1., overseas market sales, developing foreign agents, regular visits, organizing overseas seminars, product launches, etc.

2., responsible for the export clearance and delivery.

3., responsible for communicating product feedback information and abnormal situations with foreign businessmen in a timely manner; assisting foreign visitors in reception, business negotiations and simultaneous translation.

4., translation of product data, technical documents and so on.

5., updating the company's website and maintaining the website's background.

6., abide by the company's secrecy system, and do confidential work of related technology and related information.

7. to deal with other temporary business work, etc.

Post requirements:

1, business English, e-commerce, marketing, international business and other business management majors, preferably in interns.

2, English level six or above, listening, speaking, reading and writing fluently.

3. Be able to travel abroad.

Post name: EMC technical support engineer

Requirements for office:

1) Bachelor degree or above, more than 1 years experience in instrument operation and maintenance in certification laboratories or enterprises.

2) be familiar with EMC test related technical knowledge, and be familiar with GB, ISO, FCC, IEC, ETSI, FCC and other EMC testing standards.

3) strong communication and adaptability, good customer service consciousness.

4) familiar with office software, able to edit and process files.

5) strong hands-on ability and electronic circuit maintenance experience is preferred.

6) able to undertake domestic travel tasks, and also have overseas training opportunities.

Post duties:

Responsible for the after-sale technical support of EMC testing system, instrumentation and testing system.

Job name: Sales Assistant

Post duties:

1, under the guidance of the company's sales director, we can finish the sales business development plan or bidding task of the company.

2, master the company's products and industry standards, assist business executives to follow up customer information.

3, track the specific implementation of the order, including contract signing, shipment and payment recovery.

4, customer information collection, filing, maintenance of new and old customers, making plans for customer visits and implementing them.

5, coordinate customer relationship, timely feedback customers' opinions and ideas, improve the credibility of the company's products and customer loyalty through service.

6, other related sales management and transactional work.

Requirements: college degree or above, strong communication skills, regular facial features, and affinity.